Press release – InfoCare Finland establish partnerships with Relacom and HS-Works

July 5, 2016

HELSINKI, FINLAND – June 15, 2016

InfoCare Oy, a leading provider of ICT services in Finland, has signed partnership agreements with leading technology service companies Relacom Finland and HS-Works. The agreements broaden and deepen InfoCare’s services portfolio through an extended partnership network, with the outsourcing of some functions to these partners. The partnerships are effective as of June 15, 2016.

The business environment is changing rapidly. The era of the cloud increases the number and versatility of technologies employed by organizations through the adoption of cloud services and the increasing amount of device types, for example. This requires agility and scalability, but also a depth of expertise and services from IT service providers to manage and serve the needs of all customer technologies, devices and IT environments.

“Fixed ‘all or nothing’ types of IT service agreements are obsolete. Our clients want faster and more scalable IT services, based on true needs, without deeper commitment,” says InfoCare Oy Managing Director Pete Brusi. “Through our partnerships, we provide our customers with high quality and reliable service for all types of devices, during all lifecycle stages.”
With these agreements, InfoCare opens the window to even more agile and broader IT lifecycle management services. At the company’s core is lifecycle management services and providing IT services from one point of contact. This new partner network expands InfoCare’s network. InfoCare services cover Finland entirely, and customers also have access to a pan-Nordic service portfolio.

InfoCare outsources some functions to its partners. Relacom takes over break and fix services and IT support outside the Uusimaa region. HS-Works takes over break and fix services within the Greater Helsinki region. With its 130 committed experts, InfoCare continues to offer and provide IT services.
“Partnering and ecosystems are the new black. We want to raise the bar in the Finnish market by innovating ways to provide customers new, added value,” says Brusi. “By being close to customers, we offer high quality, local knowhow and stress-free service. At the end of the day, what matters most is that our customer’s ICT works.”


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