Our Services

InfoCare deliver on-site technical support services to the world’s leading technology providers, outsourcers, businesses and consumers.

We cover the Nordic Region from more than 189 locations in close cooperation with selected service partners. All major locations can be served with response times down to 4 hours, and 1 hour for selected clients.

Maintenance Services

On-site technical support and maintenance services, covering all main cities in
Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden with guaranteed response times.

Warranty Services

An an authorized service partner for all major international manufacturers and retailers in the Nordic market,
we have access to spare parts, service programs and skills needed to minimize downtime.

Logistics Services

With our efficient logistics system, we have a unique control of our forward and reverse logistics.
We offer a wide range of logistics services.

Staffing Services

InfoCare is the single point of contact for your end-users, administrating calls and incidents.
We can also provide technical 2nd line support and Diagnostics functions.

Lifecycle Services

Device as a service. Struggle free handling from from order to replacement with our lifecycle services, including financing!

Installations & Deployment

Specializing in handling large roll-out projects, equipment reparation and staging services.
We provide project management and project resources.